Sunday, April 18, 2010

An Answer

I look at the sky, with a genuine smile,
A God i try to find,
Grateful i am, I wish to thank,
But the sun downs me blind.

Just when you feel that things have changed,
And things have become better,
A certain action, a small event,
And everything returns to my gutter.

The mind is like a gutter i feel,
It takes in good and bad,
But inside itself it mixes the two,
And overflows the bad i had.

It would take years for me to clean my mind,
As the drainage never would stop,
And one small 26/7 in the mind,
It would promptly return to the top.

So i wish for answers from God himself,
Why cant i maintain my state of mind?
Small things distort my calmness,
And happiness is hard to find.

As i walked these thoughts, across the street
A child I found, below a street lamp,
Tattered, used books lay around him,
It was his studying camp.

He rocked a rhythm as he recited a poem,
A test he had the day after tomorrow,
Twinkled eyes, toothless grin,
I walked to hide my sorrow.

In a bus I sat and over heard,
A conversation between women,
One of them sobbed uncontrollably,
For her son had done the unforgiven.

He was a good chap, she said
For among the best he was, she wept,
But the fear of failure and performance got too much,
And he took the drastic step.

Returning home, I opened the newspaper,
Another 'chamcha' of a politician, he was
Enthralled and enraged and ignited by his speeches, he was
And thrown in the lock up, he was

On television too, a news was broadcast,
Of a soldier captive behind enemy line,
Being tortured and grilled for information,
His body rotting in blood and slime.

He keeps calm and shut for us,
For us, the ignorant fools,
And if he does get released, he would say
That he was just following the rules.

After these incidents,
I look up at the sky again,
The shining sun had disappeared in dark clouds,
It seems that it would rain again.

God did answer my questions, i feel
As i complained about my emotional trouble,
He showed me people with more difficult times,
And who had more to grumble.

But they didn't grumble at all, He showed me
They smiled their toothless grins,
They sobbed but fought their sorrows,
they were ignorant, but remained fearless,
They were betrayed, but upheld their valour and tolerance.

I looked up and prayed to God, to destiny, to nature, to life
I prayed for the ones i cared for,
But i prayed more for the ones in need,
Cos they really needed more.

And I didn't pray for myself at all,
Like I started off to try,
As one stops thinking about himself, he realises
The 'we' sounds better than 'I'.


pratap said...

hmm i'll wait for other comments

Goswami said...

didn't quite make the usual "yugandhar impact". Maybe the same-old-theme has got something to do with it

sinan said...

you are right. when you look at other people's problems u do think that you are worrying over trifling issues.

but are we justifying our own inaction for our state of affairs?

omkar said...

i think it gives out a great's really hard for sum 2 appreciate wat they have...
n adjusted in a poem really wel..

Sanket said...

Classic Yugandhar poem, very nice. Great message. Simple and clear.

But I have to agree with Sinan's last statement too.

Rashmi Nambiar said...

we over I anyday... :)

$m@rTPrEeT| said...


shrilata said...

the way you write has changed.. a good change :)
thts my observation...!
nice one!

K.G. said...

n1 :)

Anonymous said...

The mind is like a gutter i feel,
It takes in good and bad,
But inside itself it mixes the two,
And overflows the bad i had.

My favourite.Nice.Very Nice.When will I ever write a poem.*Sigh*.

Rishi said...

beautiful one... enjoyed it

Uttara Shekar said...

As one stops thinking about himself, he realises
The 'we' sounds better than 'I'.

Very thoughtful.

Shraddha said...

Nice !
I like the gutter observation...and we sounds better than I. True- there are times which make you think beyond yourself !