Monday, July 2, 2007

Just one step.........

She was panting and coughing. Even her nervous energy was bidding her adios. One look at the hideous monster was enough to make her mouth go dry. She glanced around. There were several people. Laughing, talking ,going about their own business. There was so much of casual attitude around. No one seemed to realize the gravity of her problem. Drops of sweat had already begun to materialize on her forehead at the place where the previous ones had rolled of her pale skin. The creature stared at her with its huge planks going upwards in automation. Petrified, she looked at her feet. She was inches away from where the planks seem to emerge from nowhere. One step was all she needed to take and she would be safe. Trying to muster up enough courage she looked at the people who were dealing with the monster. They seemed to be so relaxed. They had some aura around them which they shared with the monster. They were compatible with it. There were no signs of discomfort at all. One step. She reminded herself. Just one proper step. And it would be over. She raised her foot to step on an approaching plank. they were emerging at a fast rate. She saw an old workwoman step on it and rise with ease. She felt a lot better. If she could do it, I certainly can, she told herself. One impulsive decision and immediately stepped on the approaching plank. She tipped her balance to some extent but quickly regained composure and caught the railing beside it. One step. That’s all it took. Finally amongst all the nervousness, she smiled. She had done it. Her forehead was beaming with confidence, her small shoulders rose and watched the monster with a sense of pride as she approached the second floor of inorbit mall, malad. She, an overweight middle aged woman, from a small town in maharashtra, coming to mumbai for the first time and seeing an ESCALATOR for the first time, had finally mastered the art of riding on an escalator…. She thanked god for it!!!!!
[this may sound stupid but its true….. its all exaggerated but I ve seen these things happen a lot of times….i ve even spoken to one them…..lolzzzzz!!!!!!!!!]