Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Letter

I wouldn’t want to start this letter with a ‘dear sir/madam’ for I dont find the title worth for you. It must have been some great hurry that right after the incident you didn’t stop even for a few minutes to see if everything was fine. Probably, the optimistic side of me would want to believe that you are a doctor or someone of that league acting on an emergency or to ease someone ‘s pain. Maybe hurrying to help a woman in labour. Maybe that’s why you didn’t stop after hearing the surprised yelp. You knew I was hit. There’s no doubt about that as I fell ahead rolling beside your car. Your reflexes were good, because soon after I heard the screeching of the brakes, I heard the engine rev up and the car speed down the road before I could blink twice after opening my eyes. I know you must have stopped for a split second, swallowing a lump of guilt that you have done something horrible and could not muster enough courage to face the consequences of what you had done. Even though I have not seen you, I know, if you are a normal human being, you would have felt that horrible feeling at the pit of your stomach and I hope it gives you those goose bumps forever which you have so righteously earned. The worst part would be to not know whether I lived or died and you will have to live with that uncertainty. I guess that may be your punishment and my consolation.
So the next time you speed down the wrong side of the road trying to hit the speedometer ,think again.
It won’t be another twenty one year old guy. Maybe it would be a six year old boy on his new bicycle. Or a small girl walking her dog. Or an old man buying medicines. Or a pregnant woman trying to cross the road. Imagine the guilt involving a hit and run with them. I don’t know what I would do if I come to know who you are ,eventually. But I do pray that nothing like this happens to anyone else. I can’t think of a way to end this letter but I do hope, if you are reading, you realize that I wrote this letter in the most polite way possible.
P.S: if you still don’t get what I want to convey then here is a sum up: BALLS TO YOU BASTARD. MAY YOU ROT IN HELL.


Sanket said...

So sorry for your accident. Good letter.

Goswami said...

why so much stress on "a pregnant woman". you mentioned it twice. nevertheless a nice read :D

omkar said...

conveys wat u want u convey very precisely...
anyway, u r back in action(w.r.t ur back)..dat's good news..

Ankit B. Rathod said...

so sorry to hear abt ur accident... n dat too thru ur blog... anyways dis cud be the politest way (except the PS of course) to make dat person feel the guilt ! and the PS was amazing... :p

Rahul M said...

Nice read. Unfortunate incidents happen but you have to take the best out of it. After all, this incident revealed your Superman strength :D

Gaurav DobhaL said...

I'd sympathize but you play football with a sore back.
Nice letter nevertheless.. good sum up.

nil said...

Thank you SO much for dropping by my blog. I would have never found your blog otherwise.
I'm sorry about your accident and sure do hope you're well!
LOVED how you write. Really.
And the last part, that was the BEST!!
I'm following your blog, you earned it big time!
Feel free to return the favor.
Sure do hope we keep in touch through Blogger :)
Cheers man,