Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Disappointed Smile

A labourer stands alone, fatigued with work and pain,
A ruthless master implies no more gain,

He begs for more, just a little bit more,
Receives lashes till his back is sore,

He returns home, hopeful eyes stare at him for a while,
He shakes his head with a disappointed smile.

A doctor he is, tired and exhausted,
Stares at the next patient having his blood clotted,

He works twenty hours without a break,
So many commitments he failed to make,

As his next patient retches blood and bile,
He takes him in with a disappointed smile.

A soldier he is, stands tall and upright,
And feels proud of the army’s might,

But the person controlling him, he knows,
No ethics, no righteousness, after money he goes,

The soldier feels betrayed as he marches another mile,
He looks up at the flag with a disappointed smile.

A journalist he is, strong and bold,
To the worlds wrongs his attitude is cold,

He travels and writes about the wrongs in this world,
Of the people and places of high ranks, laurels and low morals,

But as he stands and stares at his rejected file,
His cold eyes do not connect to his disappointed smile.

A student he is, a frustrated engineering one,
Three years into it and wondering what he has done,

A lot of thoughts cloud his mind,
A small voice saying that everything will be fine,

He sees his friends, in the rain, play,
Their faces and limbs covered with mud and clay,

He stands there watching, the wind teasing his hair,
He tries to fake a impassive stare,

He closes his eyes, letting the tension pile,
He looks up and wears a disappointed smile.


Anonymous said...

beautifully written.hard r doin an excellent work as someone who's new 2 poetry..

Rishkul said...

well...the smile you talk (rhyme) about...i imagine it to be because of sweet fruits of hard work...the doctor for instance...smiles because he has been a help to numerous patients...and knows he's been good...same applies to the soldier...and the 'engineering student'.

but then that is what i think...

(nice strong lines...and they rhyme...:D)

Rishi said...

beautifully orchestrated...

jst would like to argue one point... it doesn't matter whether i smile or not... but it would matter if i disappoint, won't it?...

pratap said...

*ahem* salaam thoking. No aukaad left to comment on such things now!

K.G. said...

dude ..... cool stuff ...

Kirti said...

suddenly aajkal andar ka kavi jaag gaya hai...good stuff..though i am not convinced about the disappointed at a couple of places..but u sure wud have had something in mind..bade log!

Shilpa Sreekrishnan said...

whoa! I am commenting onyour post for the first time after having followed it for so long.. this time i wanted to..
I really liked this one.. and i do agree.. "big people!"

Amey said...

Very well written....I don't agree with engineering part...way 2 overrated...overhyped...and by claiming here of knowing u I say u have got it all wrong

Brett said...

To be this good you either have to have a lot of talent for this sort of thing or just be a really really depressed soul. I think its a lot of the former and one hell of a lot of the latter. Title ur next one Khadda.

Goswami said...

the poem loses its punch in the engineering part. gr8 work otherwise! really liked 80% of it n not sure about the rest 20%

Sanket said...

Have to agree with Amey and Brett here. Engg part is a bit overhyped. We enjoy a lot more than anyone else.
Still very well written. Nice.

gurtej said...

hey , well written yaar... mr poet... een i feel that engineers are much more chilled that what uve written... its just that the timing of ur poem is apt... during the exams.... makes the eng part feel much more real... really bored of exams... ab bas...

Ashmita said...

Good work man.
Really hits you.
But not sure about the engineering part either. You could've ended it with a bigger bang!

Engineering is a bitch in it's own right and deserves an entire post in it's name.

Shall move on to older stuff now.

sukanya said...


great rhyme. even beat. makes a poetry-uneducated person like me feel comfortable with the poem.
then the words seep in. really deep.

usually most things engineering are cynical to an extreme. but at the end of it its the same old thing. this one went a lot further.

losin_my_soul said...

nice one yugi... liked it a lot.. agree with what brett said...

why the depressed poetry? wats going on?

Parinita said...

hey one of ur best posts.
and can completely empathize while givin third yr engg examz.

annnanymous said...

Real good play with words.Only the pessimist theme dint do slight good to me.
Super good!

joshbaba89 said...

brilliant one dude

Siddharth Deekshit said...

first time i've been here. i just found treasure! awesome stuff! keep it coming.

pratap said...

ahem you hve soemthing mroe to say?

Shraddha said...

read ur blog for d first time...damn good stuff! ur a hell of a poet... will make sure to read frm now on..cnt miss on gr8 stuff..

Tanmay said...

As Pratap said no aukaad to comment on ur blog...i'm jus spellbound

$m@rTPrEeT| said...

how life at times can be an example of "matter of fact" is so wonderfully put...I cant comment anymore,everyone b4 have said it all